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Recognizing women who have made a describable difference to the advancement of women in the workplace

CLARE BECKTONBA LLB MPA, Executive in Residence, Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work

BIO: Clare Beckton is a champion for the advancement of women’s leadership, sought-after speaker, mentor, coach, facilitator and author of Own It: Your Success,Your Future, Your Life. She is a former professor of law, senior executive in the Canadian government including head of Status of Women Canada and founder of the Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership. Clare is co-author of A Force to Reckon With, Women Entrepreneurs and Risk and Everywhere, Everyday Innovating: Women Entrepreneurs and Innovation.

SUCCESS IS: Making a lasting difference for organizations and people that I work with no matter the role.

ADVICE I WOULD GIVE MY YOUNGER SELF: Live life to the fullest everyday, embrace challenges and do not let others tell you what is right or wrong for you. Choose the work or career that inspires and fulfills you.

POWER SONG: “Roar” by Katy Perry.